To set a high standard of governance and to institutionalize a model of democratic government to make Ambazonia a flag-bearer of these time-tested values. To engage and unleash the human imagination, the talents and the material resources of our country in a project nation-building which our fellow citizens and our descendants will be proud of. To actively pursue partnerships of open trade, enriching cultural exchange and mutually-beneficial investments with the world in as many domains as will enrich our citizens and inspire them –and others- to positive engagement in civic life of a prosperous commonwealth.

Vision Statement

Federal Republic of Ambazonia will strive to embody the maxim of this twenty-first century: Connectivity is Destiny.

We embrace on openness to the world as an invaluable asset for our growth and long-term prosperity. Africa’s Atlantic coast concentrates half the continents population and half of its trade with the world. Our nation will hitch its fortunes to these highways of trade and of value-creation by building world-class infrastructure to take full advantage of streams of trade and exchange: human, material and ideas which are essential ingredients to prosperity and wealth-creation.


Interim Federal Government Remarks