Vice President


Vice President

The Vice President is a shadow of the President, supporting the President, who is Executive Manager of the Government of the People of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia and has the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that all spheres of government work together. He/ she participates in the development of programmes to establish a new and prosperous era for the People of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.The Vice President has no specific functions (except as delegated by The President) but to step into the shoes of The President in his /her absence or incapacitation as Acting President.

Dabney Yerima


Mandeta and Responsibilities

The Vice President supports The Presidency in the day to day function of the government.

  • Performs the duties assigned / delegated by the President.
  • Takes up the roles of The President in case of absence or vacuum.
  • Stays within the assigned/delegated functions and eventualities.
  • The Vice President is accountable and reports directly to the President.
  • The President has veto power over all the decisions of The Vice President.


Interim Federal Government Remarks