Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Ambazonia is the highest court in the Republic and consists of a President and 12 judges. It has jurisdiction as an appellate court in prerogative writs, admiralty case, election petitions and constitutional matters. The Court also acts as the Supreme Council of the Judicature, dealing with judicial appointments, promotions, transfers and disciplinary matters.


Strategic Vision:

The Supreme Court has a special to play in the role Ambazonia system of government
– the power to check the powers of the President and Congress.

As a Federal Court

Supreme Court is the Federal Court of Ambazonia, Ambazonia being a federation; powers are divided betw.n the Union and State government. The Supreme Court of Ambazonia is the final authority to see to it that the division of powers as specified in the constitution is obey. by both the Union and the State governments.

As a Court of Appeal:

The Supreme Court is the highest court of appeal from all cou. in the teMtory of Ambazonia. Appeal lies to the Supreme Court of the cases involving interpretation of the constitution.

Guardian of the Constitution:

The Supreme Court of Ambazonia is the guardian of the constitution. There are two points of significance of the Supreme Court’s rule as the protector and guardian of the constitution.

  • First as the highest Federal Court it is within the power and authority of the Supreme Court to settle any dispute regarding division of powers between the Union and the States.
  • Secondly, it is in the Supreme Court’s authority to safeguard the fundamental rights of the citizens.

Interpreter of the Constitution and Law:

The responsibility of intemreting the constitution rests on the Supreme Court. The intemretation of the constitution which the Supreme Court shall make must be accepted by all. It interprets the constitution a. preserves it.

Advisory Role:

The Supreme Court has an advisory jurisdiction in offering its opinion an any question of law or fact of public importance as may be refer. to it for consideration by the President.

Writ Jurisdiction.

Under powers of the .nstitution, the Supreme Court can issue Writs for the enforcement of fundamental rights. These writs are in the nature of Habeas Comus, Mandamus, Prohibition, anci Quo-warranto Certiorari.

MIPower of Judicial Review and Supreme Court

The power of the Judiciary to examine the validity of such law is called Judicial Review. The Supreme Court of Ambazonia enjoys limited power of Judicial Review. Judicial Review empowers the courts to invalidate laws pass. by the legislature. Supreme Court of Ambazonia also enjoys the power ofJudicial Review. If it occurs to the Supreme Court that any law enacted by Parliament or by a State Legislature curbs or threatens to curb the citizen’s fundamental rights, the Supreme Court may declare that law as unlawful or unconstitutional.


Interim Federal Government Remarks