Mission Statement


Our mission are as people is to reclaim and fully restore the sovereignty of the former Territory of the British Trust Territory of the Southern Cameroon within the historic boundaries of 1961 and as defined by all antecedent international instrument and United Nations Resolutions.

Mission Statement

The mission would include giving effect to the commitments contained in the Restoration Proclamation of 1st October 2017 by President Sisiku AyukTabe.

The Former British Trust Territory will hence be named the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, will be administratively constituted in sixty-four Local Government Area(LGA), thirteen counties and three States.

Until ratified by a duly constituted Assembly. This Interim Government is structured and guided by the Interim Constitution, the aspirations f our people as expressed in the Buea and Bamenda Declarations, as well as the Resolutions of the four conclaves of 2017. No less relevant and biding to Ambazonia are such international laws and conventions defining the rights, obligations and relationships between nations within the international system


Interim Federal Government Remarks