Done on the 8th of May 2017 Derric Yuh Ndim, Personal Development Coach /Consultant , Boyo County. BACKGROUND INTRODUCTION The formation of SCACUF has given the much required facelift to the Southern Cameroons liberation struggle for the restoration of her sovereign statehood, which has in the last 30 years been characterized by lack of mass support until the birth of the coffin revolution in 2016, which was initiated by civil rights activist, Mancho Bibixy and subsequently by lawyers and teachers in protest of the government’s policy of assimilation, with the aim of preserving the distinct Anglo-Saxon systems of the common law and the educational system from being completely francophonized. The revolution has sparked a different kind of awareness within the Southern Cameroons that has never been imagined before and when some say it was designed by God, one can hardly argue because to create such a mass mobilization and awareness within the Cameroun socio-political environment is almost an impossible conception

By Prof Emeritus. Verkijika FANSO Declassified Colonial Office (CO) documents at the PRO (Public Records Office), now British Archives at Kew Gardens, London in the UK give much information about the various behind the scene (secret/confidential) discussions and decisions that were taken on account of the Southern Cameroons concerning the termination of the British trusteeship and the granting of self-government and/or independence. Some of these discussions took place in Buea in the Southern Cameroons, Yaounde in French/Cameroun Republic, Lagos in Nigeria, New York at the UN, London in the UK and even in Paris. Some of these were centred on why the territory must not be granted independence in its own right and the requirement that it must gain independence by either integrating with Nigeria or unifying with the Cameroun Republic.

Prolonged detention - Lawyer Nkongho Felix Agbor and others The Law Society is a professional body representing more than 166,000 lawyers in England and Wales. Its aims include upholding the independence of the legal profession, the rule of law and human rights around the world. The Law Society has Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations since 2014.

Tuesday, 08 January 2013 17:03 Yaoundé and its agents to dismiss the legitimacy and legality of the SCNC struggle to restore the statehood of British Southern Cameroons and to forever keep the latter as its footstool, have done everything possible to distort the history of a former UN Trust territory with clearly defined and demarcated international boundaries. With impunity some even question dismissively if British Southern Cameroons ever stood on its own feet as if their la Republique du Cameroun has ever. This is in the true nature of an imperial state. But truth is infinite. And those who fight in defense of truth are makers of progressive history and promoters of a better humanity. They are ever winners.

By Akere Muna* "The time has therefore come for our nation to put into place a new paradigm for the management of our cultural diversity. That is the price we must pay to find the true unity we seek and through it the strength for which we clamor. The legal system of Cameroon is bi-jural constitutionally, politically socially, culturally and intellectually. Disregarding this fact is an assault on the very foundation on which our nation is built. While it is true that diversity might well create ambiguity complexity and even confusion, the danger of assimilation under the guise of harmonization now appears as a time bomb."

By Dibussi Tande, Citizen Journaliist ( Blog: Scribbles From the Den )