House of assembly


House of Chiefs

The Department A Health and Social Services is created to lay the foundation At healthy and socially inclusive Federal Republic A Ambazonia. To At this it has to improve health status through developing and implementing and implementing a health and social policy that promotes: Socially inclusive programs; healthy lifestyles; improves the healthcare delivery system by focusing on access, efficiency, quality and sustainability.


Role and Responsibility

To deliver be a world Its comprehensive and affordable healthcare system, while prioritizing the social development framework for the people of Ambazonia.

Department of Health and Social Services has jurisdiction over the health, social well-being of the people.

This State Department is mandated to plan, execute, monitor and continuously improve programs that will positively impact the health and social welfare of the people of Ambazonia.

  • Engage with donors, NGOs and other international organizations in healthcare services. the health and social services sector, to secure aid to our people.
  • Develop a firm foundation for the future Health and Social services Gp- sector in the Federal Republic by;
  • Ensure the overall well being of all Ambazonians.
  • Usher in a new educational system that speaks to a progressive and economically strong nation
  • Put in place a system of government that is inclusive (Regional, Gender, Generational) transparent, accountable and promotes value for money.
  • Ensures that the country has a good image both internally and externally.
  • Establish a good and solid foundation for the future government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.
  • Unite as much as possible,  all Ambazonians regardless of origin, ideology or physical location.
  • Ensure the establishment and proper functioning of the Legislative and Judicial Arms of the government.
  • Establish other Federal Agencies as the need dictates.
  • Discharge other assignmen. as may become necessary in agreement with the restoration Council if not classified.


Interim Federal Government Remarks