Restoration Council


Restoration Council

In the absence of a political party system the legislative arm of government is represented in the interim government by the Restoration Council and its committee’s agents.


Strategic Vision

The Restoration Council represents the interest of the people and their needs. RC draws its mandate from the people on an ongoing basis and the bylaws that lays the foundation for an open, progressive society based on democratic values, social justice and fundamental human rights. It is the supreme law of our country in the interim and ensures government by the people for the people. In other words, the bylaws is the highest law of the land and everyone must act according to its provisions and principles, even the Restoration Council.

  • The Restoration Council plays a direct and active role in national affairs of the Federal
  • Republic. It is the place where the members look after the people’s interest.
  • The responsibilities of the RC include but not limited to: Making rules in the interim and laws in the future that will improve the lives of ambazonians;
  • Discussing and debating government policy and other issues of national interest;
  • Consulting with the people, and representing their views in the council;
  • Helping the people in their constituencies or locations worldwide;
  • Approving the budgets of government departments, as presented to council by the president through the secretary of state for economy and finance;
  • Making sure that the work that government promised to do is being done;
  • Checking that public money is being spent wisely;
  • Approving the mandate of the executive;
  • Promoting unity and a healthy relationship between the arms of the state;
  • Ensure efficient co-operative governance between the spheres of government,
  • Ensuring appropriate links with Ambazonians at home and in the Diaspora.


Interim Federal Government Remarks