Planning & Internal Controls


Project management office (PMO),

To enhance services delivery within the Public Services, it is pivotal to ensure a uniform approach to managing project within all spheres of the IG. This means the same tools and techniques should apply to all spheres of government


Responsibilities of the PMO

Effectively translates concepts and strategies into projects. The departments supports all IG projects and accompanies Departments of State

  • Plan, execute, monitor and closeout projects.
  • Establish project management framework and guidelines for the IG



  • The Jurisdiction of the PMO is limited to an executing and reporting office on projects brought to its attention through the office of the President..
  • Governance
  • The chief projects officer is accountable and responsible for the performance of the IGs Projects. The PMO is vested in the office of the President..
  • The PMO will have mandatory briefings with Performance management evaluation.
  • The PMO will submit monthly progress reports on all projects mandated to it.
  • The chief projects officer is expec-ted to delegate his/her responsibilities within the IG to departmental project managers but remain accountable and responsible for ensuring the project management framework is adhered to.
  • The chief projects officer shall make available all relevant information for mandatory state audits/agents of the legislative authority.
  • Client departments/ project owners have veto powers over all decisions on project deliverables.
  • Chief projects officer has veto powers over choice of project management tools and techniques and their application to IG projec-ts.
  • Project Team led by a Chief Projects Officer (CPO) who must be a qualified/experienced project manager.


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