District Court

The district court is where a federal case begins. Cases heard consist of statutory cases that violate the Constitution or its treaties and cases affecting citizens with a disputed value set by statute. These can include divorce cases, felonies, issues involving diversity, and cases concerning voters’ rights.


Strategic Vision

To deliver the highest measure of justice by providing an accessible, impartial forum for the resolution of disputes with the consistent, just, efficient, and timely delivery of service

  • A District court is the trial venue for violations of State law.
  • The lowest level US federal court, operating within a federal judicial district within a state, where matters under federal jurisdiction are tried.
  • District courts have original jurisdiction in all felony criminal, civil and family law cases
  • District courts follow the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
  • District courts provide sentencing and issue penalties
  • District courts are the trial courts of general jurisdiction in Ambazonia. The geographical area served by each court is established by the Legislature, but each county must be served by at least one district court.


Interim Federal Government Remarks