Home Affairs


Department of Home Affairs (DHA)

The Department of Education is created to lay the foundation for a prosperous Federal republic of Ambazonia. To do this it has to to plan and execute the tasks that will ensure the territorial integrity of the republic while implementing an administrative structure that allows the people of Ambazonia to be governed by their Interim and future governments.


Strategic Vision

To deliver an Ambazonia that is safe secured and governable by Ambazonians for Ambazonians.

  • Make the territory ungovernable for the occupier.
  • Provide the Governing Council through the office of the president with day to day happenings on the national territory.
  • Systematically build up a county by county resistance front.
  • Intelligence sourcing for the office of the president and other departments as requested
  • Identification of all possible entry routes into the national territory by land and water and develop a scheme on how to man them during transition.
  • Prepare for national census with time.
  • Prepare a transition from colonial administrators to SC/Ambazonia local governments.
  • Prepare national population database and identification system.
  • Establish a robust network of national intelligence


Interim Federal Government Remarks