Foreign Affairs


Department of Foreign Affairs(DFA)

The Mission of the Department of Foreign Affairs is to ascertain and maintain a peaceful, prosperous, fair, and democratic bilateral relationship and to foster conditions for stability and progress for the benefit of the people of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia and People everywhere.


Strategic Vision

The vision of the Department of Foreign Affairs is to enhance mutually beneficial bilateral relations in at atmosphere that respects human rights and dignity fair democratic practices of partners. DFA also envisions Prosperity, healthy economic practices and freedoms enshrined in the Universal declaration of rights.

  • To work with the President and his administration through total solidarity in nation-building.
  • To initiate global recognition and support from countries, organizations, associations, corporations, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) for the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.
  • To maintain diplomatic relations with countries worldwide in the country's interest.
  • To protect the rights of the citizens living abroad by having relations with different countries and governments.
  • To recommend to the Presidency about the creation of Embassies of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia in different countries.
  • To oversee diplomatic personnel at all Organizations(AU, ECOWAS, UN, EU, Inter Parliamentary Union, Commonwealth etc.), and at International, Regional and Country levels.
  • Produce National global travel documents (Passports and Visa Issuance) and oversee all visa issues of nationals and foreigners, whether for personal visits, studies, businesses or tourism.
  • Paves the way and recommends bilateral relations with other Governments and Peoples.
  • Negotiates the admission of as well as membership of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia into global organizations.
  • Making policies to promote the national culture in various countries, and to help organize national cultural programs in other countries.
  • Advising the Government on various foreign policy issues and to represent the Country as delegated by the President.
  • Protecting, upholding and promoting national interests and to promote the country's global integrity.
  • Monitoring and analyzing regional and country diplomatic issues and developments across the world.
  • Make sure administrative issues at Regional and Country levels are directed to the Secretariat at Presidency.
  • Providing the counselor access to foreign governments in case of any criminal cases and to ensure safety of all citizens in the Diaspora
  • Building a patriotic bridge between citizens in Diaspora and motherland by enhancing participation in governance, reinvestments, economic productivity, and entrepreneurship.
  • Enhance functional interdepartmental flow by Facilitating the other departments of government to establish foreign links and connections


Interim Federal Government Remarks