Economy and Finance


Department of Economy & Finance (DEF)

The State Department of Economy and Finance is created to harness resources for the emancipation and inclusive economic growth of the People of Ambazonia.


Strategic Vision

The vision of the Department is to foster the restoration of the independence of The Southern Cameroons/ Ambazonia and subsequently ensure inclusive economic growth and positioning Federal Republic of Ambazonia as a business hub for Central and West African Sub regions, with a target to emerge as a developing economy by 2030.

  • 1.1 Designing Economic policies of the Nation for an inclusive growth framework.
  • Pursuing macroeconomic objectives of:
    1. Price Stabilization
    2. Minimizing Unemployment
    3. Favorable balance of payment
    4. Enhancing Economic growth and development.
  • Collaborating with the Monetary authorities and other Institutions in the pursuance of the Coordination, regulation and implementation of economic and financial activities of the nation.
  • Pursue a beneficial Assets and Liability sharing scheme between FRA and LRC.
  • Designing socio – economic policies that enhance a business friendly environment.
  • Identifying viable revenue sources for the government.
  • Modeling appropriate revenue rates in the economy.
  • Preparing annual budgets.
  • Preparing short term, medium term and long term development plans.
  • Identify Growth potentials and Drivers in the economy.
  • Monitoring, analysing and regulating the economic and financial performance of the economy.
  • Advising the FRA on Socio-Economic related issues
  • Undertaking and coordinating other socio economic issues in the economy.
  • Insuring that The Southern Cameroons /Ambazonia emerges as a developing economy by 2030.
  • Positioning The Southern Cameroons /Ambazonia as a business hub in the Central and West African Sub regions.
  • Participate in the process of getting competent personnel in each directorate, for the day to day operations of the Directorate.
  • Ensure the effective day-to-day function of the workplace(s), through proper delegation of functions.
  • Vigorously pursue the Sustainable development Goals that pertains to the Health Sector.
  • Partner with other State Departments, State Agencies, Organizations and Stakeholders as a whole (as the need arises)in the pursuance of the overall goals of the Nation.
  • Performing other Economy and Finance related assignments as may be assigned from time to time.


Interim Federal Government Remarks