Department of Health and Social Services


Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS)

The Department of Health and Social Services is created to lay the foundation for a healthy and socially inclusive Federal Republic of Ambazonia. To do this it has to improve health status through developing and implementing and implementing a health and social policy that promotes: Socially inclusive programs; healthy lifestyles; improves the healthcare delivery system by focusing on access, efficiency, quality and sustainability.


Strategic Vision

To deliver be a world class comprehensive and affordable healthcare system, while prioritizing the social development framework for the people of Ambazonia.

  • Develop a ‘Track and care for system ’ for all victims of the struggle.
  • Engage with donors, NGOs and other international organizations in the health and social services sector, to secure aid to our people.
  • Develop a firm foundation for the future Health and Social services sector in the Federal Republic by;
  • Developing a social policy framework that advances gender equity, children rights, people with disabilities, senior citizens and ensures social security for all
  • Formulating health laws and keeping checks and balances on medical facilities.
  • Assisting the government in making health related policies and regulations to better the health standards.
  • To make the latest medical technology available for improvement in healthcare services.
  • To take action against the drug abuse and curing the patients who are the drug addicts.
  • Improving the research activities to improve the effectiveness of healthcare services.
  • Opening government –funded hospitals for the health care of the citizens.
  • Participate in the process of getting competent personnel in each directorate, for the day to day operations of the Directorate.
  • Ensure the effective day-to-day function of the workplace(s), through proper delegation of functions.
  • Vigorously pursue the Sustainable development Goals that pertains to the Health Sector.
  • Partner with other State Departments, State Agencies, Organizations and Stakeholders as a whole (as the need arises) in the pursuance of the overall goals of the Nation.
  • Perform of duties as may come up from time to time or as may be assigned by the President from time to time.


Interim Federal Government Remarks