Communication and ICT


Department of Communications and ICT(DCIT)

The DCIT is created to plan and implement world class communication services to all Ambazonians in a manner that promotes socio-economic development and inclusiveness through broadcasting, new media, print media and other new technologies, and brand the country locally and internationally


Strategic Vision

To deliver an enabling environment for free speech, access to information and quality new communication technologies at affordable prices.

  • Formulate policy and ensure its implementation for the information technology, telecommunications, postal and broadcasting services.
  • Develop a working relationship with SCBC board to ensure sustainable funding model for state broadcaster
  • Develop online communication portal for government.
  • Produce marketing and communication campaigns for government projects.
  • House the office of the spokesperson and official voice of the government
  • Identify and develop new technologies as informed by the communication needs of the people of Ambazonia
  • Partner with other departments to develop and e-government platform.
  • Prepare for efficient postal service
  • Prepare a government document, records and archives service.
  • Prepare new telecommunications commission.


Interim Federal Government Remarks