Story About Us

Our rendezvous with destiny

We are citizens of the former British Trust Territory of the Southern Cameroons which achieved independence on 1st October 1961. We are the first Westphalia State in the Gulf of Guinea which celebrated its centenary in 1958. We held Sub-Saharan Africa’s first successful democratic elections for Executive Office in 1968 when we elected our second Premier, John Ngu Foncha. We restored our sovereignty on 1st October 2017. We’ve renamed our nation Ambazonia.

Who We Are

We are citizens of the former British Trust Territory of the Southern Cameroons which achieved independence per UN Resolution 1608(XV) on 1st October of 1961. The botched decolonization process which marked this milestone in our colonial history is what gave way to the common misunderstanding today that we are wholly part of our Eastern neighbor part, Republic of Cameroun. Details of this storied history are contained in the downloadable documents below:

Rex Legis

The British Trust Territory of the Southern Cameroons:
From Decolonization to Annexation to Genocide.

Altogether, three United Nations Resolutions, 1352(XIV), 2013(XXIV) and 1608(XV), stipulate what the future of the former British Southern Cameroons must become: a sovereign and independent State along Africa’s Atlantic Coast in the Gulf of Guinea. The ongoing conflict in the Cameroons is the direct consequence of a historic failure to implement these instruments six decades ago. In 1958, the people of the Southern Cameroons were the first in Sub-Saharan Africa to freely and democratically elect a leader for Executive Office. This Interim Government is constituted and mandated to restore and forever secure sovereignty and independent self-government to our citizens. Its abducted leaders are similarly charged to give effect to these twin objectives and to make Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia Africa’s 55th sovereign State.

Our Epic Quest

Our storied history spans one hundred and seventy years of colonial and neocolonial subjugation, colonization and illegal annexation. Over the last sixty years, the illegal and failed project to assimilate our nation ended with the collapse of a contrived “Federation” with the French-speaking Cameroun Republic in 1972. Further attempt s to erase the social memory and political identity of the Southern Cameroons sparked a grassroots revolt in 2016. A declaration of war by Cameroun President made our restoration quest ever more urgent and no less just.


Interim Government Quotables